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Job Title: General Manager


Reports To: Owner


Job Summary:  Accountable for the comprehensive management of the facilities and equipment at Outdoor Living Products, ensuring optimal operational efficiency and physical upkeep. Assumes responsibility for supervising the day-to-day activities pertaining to delivery and warehousing operations.


Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Manages budgets and exercises cost control measures to achieve or surpass annual profit targets.

  • Develops operational strategies and objectives, outlining priorities and sequences for each department to ensure a seamless flow of products to customers.

  • Regularly assesses team and individual performance by analyzing operational reports that gauge metrics such as on-time deliveries, back orders, hours worked, and shipments received. This proactive approach aims to minimize costs, prevent operational delays, and forecast both short and long-term planning needs.

  • Addresses issues related to processes, costs, orders, maintenance, inventory control, equipment/trucks, services, and systems, ensuring timely resolution to uphold the company's capacity to meet or surpass customer requirements.

  • Guides the implementation of safe operating practices in alignment with company policies and regulatory standards (including DOT regulations, forklift operations, OSHA compliance, etc.).

  • Executes managerial responsibilities in accordance with the organization's policies and relevant laws.


Supervisory Responsibilities:


Oversees personnel such as Plant Managers or Department Supervisors, with responsibilities encompassing interviewing, hiring, and facilitating the development and training of employees. Additionally, planning, assigning, directing, and delegating work tasks, conducting performance appraisals, administering rewards and disciplinary measures, as well as addressing and resolving employee complaints and issues.




In order to excel in this role, an individual must proficiently fulfill each essential duty. The requirements outlined below are indicative of the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for success.

  • Relevant professional background in the lumber or building materials industry.

  • Significant experience in retail management, particularly in the hardware or lumber industry.

  • Demonstrated experience in various aspects of the business through multiple assignments, or an equivalent combination of education and professional background.

  • Proficiency in building materials, procurement, inventory management, and personnel supervision is essential, supported by relevant knowledge and experience.

  • Understanding of industry trends, customer preferences, and market dynamics.

  • Strong leadership abilities with the capacity to inspire and lead a team effectively.

  • Ability to recruit, train, and develop a skilled and motivated team.

  • Dedication to providing excellent customer service and building positive customer relationships.

  • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal, for internal and external interactions.

  • Ability to convey information clearly and concisely.

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to address operational challenges and make informed decisions.

  • Knowledge of and adherence to relevant regulations, including safety standards, employment laws, and industry compliance.

  • Familiarity with retail management software, inventory systems, and other relevant technology tools.

  • Flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions, customer preferences, and industry trends.

Preferred Skills


Strategic Planning

Operational Management

Customer Service

Financial Management

Problem – Solving


Team Development


Regulatory Compliance

Technology Proficiency

Negotiation Skills


Time Management

Interpersonal Skills

General Manager

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