Marine Construction

Why Pressure Treated Wood?

What Makes us Unique?

Outdoor Living Products maintains a large inventory of marine piling, pressure-treated with CCA preservatives to 2.50 pcf for immersion in saltwater.

Marine treated lumber, timber, and piles are pressure-treated with higher concentrations of Wolmanac® CCA preservative to withstand the harsh exposures and destructive organisms common in marine environments. Retention levels range from 0.40 pcf for soil contact to 2.50 pcf for saltwater immersion. Wolmanized® CCA Heavy Duty™ Wood by Outdoor Living Products is the preferred choice for all marine applications including piling and bulkheads.

Stands the Test of Time

Wood is an ideal marine construction material.  

Wood can’t rust, won’t corrode, and doesn’t spall.

It can usually be repaired in a more efficient and less costly way than other construction materials. And repairs can be made in all kinds of weather, in both

wet and dry environments, often using nothing more than ordinary carpentry tools.

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