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Our Story

The first pressure treating facility in the State of Florida, Outdoor Living Products Incorporated was built in the 1940’s just outside of Orlando. Ed Cook Lumber, as it was known at the time, was widely recognized as one of the pioneers in the wood preserving industry.

On January 1st of 2006, Ed Cook Lumber became Outdoor Living Products incorporated under the leadership of Paul Watson. Paul’s career began with humble beginnings as a forklift driver at a local lumber yard. He took to the lumber business with keen affection and after taking a position in sales, quickly rose through the ranks to become a consistent top performer.

Paul struck out on his own when he had the opportunity to purchase Outdoor Living Products in 2002. Since then Outdoor Living Products has been committed to providing quality pressure treated lumber, timber, posts, poles and pilings across the State of Florida, Georgia and into the Caribbean.  The knowledgeable sales staff at Outdoor Living have a combined 100+ years in the business. Please visit our Products page for a complete listing of the items we treat, stock and supply.

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