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Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood, most often southern pine, is treated with chemicals to prevent decay and insect intrusion. This type of wood is recommended for all outdoor projects with contact between wood and moisture. We treat lumber with the most current generation of Copper Azole (CA) and Copper Chrome Arsenic (CCA), which not only guards against intrusion but adds protection for water repellency. Popular commercial and residential projects recommended for treated wood are; fences, decks, deck furniture, wooden benches, sheds, walkways, handrails, freshwater docks, ramps, porches, and structural framing. 

Preservative Treatment 

Chromated Copper Arsenic (CCA) - water-soluble inorganic pesticide most commonly used as a preservative to make wood resistant to termites and fungi. This type of pressure-treated wood is used in industrial and marine applications, including agricultural posts, poles & pilings. 

Retention Levels


Deck supports, Fence posts, Garages, Trailers, and Sheds


Freshwater, Agricultural buildings, Bridges, or Areas with changing weather conditions. 


Foundation, Poles, and Brackish


Boat lifts, Boat houses, Decks, Docks, Saltwater

Preservative Treatment 

Copper Azole Type C (CA-C) - is a copper-based wood, most commonly used as a preservative to make wood resistant to termites and fungi. This type of pressure-treated wood is used in agricultural & residential projects such as decks, fences, landscaping, boardwalks, ramps, gazebos, bridges, docks, and freshwater structures. It is environmentally safe. 

Retention Levels

Ground Contact

This treatment is designed to protect wood that is exposed to all types of weather. It can be placed directly on or in the ground. Due to its higher chemical retention level, it can last much longer than above the ground wood.

Structural Contact

Heavy ground treatment. It is formulated to protect against the sun, weather conditions, and insects. It's generally used in applications that are six inches or more off the ground. 

The Treatment Process

At Outdoor Living Products, our facility specializes in the meticulous treatment of lumber. Our team of seasoned technicians, possessing extensive expertise in their field, is dedicated to ensuring that our treatments provide the utmost level of protection. The primary objective of pressure-treating wood is to compel preservatives deep into the core of the wood, forming a protective barrier against external elements. Throughout the treatment process, wood is carefully loaded into a horizontal vacuum-pressure cylinder. Once the door is securely sealed, the vacuum systematically removes air from the cylinder. Subsequently, a precisely measured liquid preservative solution is pumped in, and the pressure is elevated, compelling the liquid deep into the wood fibers. Upon completion of the process, our skilled technicians carefully extract the treated wood from the cylinder.


Our mission is to deliver a wood treatment solution that not only meets but surpasses the test of time, ensuring enduring protection and longevity

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