Wood is the most economical material for your decking needs.  We have several decking products available.  Our most popular wood decking options are 5 1/4 x 6, 2x6 prime and 2x6 #1 dense.  All of our wood decking is treated to .15 CA-C (cooper azole) preservative for ground contact and is available in lengths up to 24'.

Varnishing the Deck

Wood Decking

Island Decking is a premium wood decking brand that is produced exclusively by Outdoor Living Products.  The 2x6 bullnose profile is manufactured from #1 dense Southern Yellow Pine.  During the process, all 4 edges are machined to a 1/2" radius virtually giving you a wane free product.  Island Decking is treated to .15CA-C (copper azole) preservative for ground contact and is available in lengths up to 20'.   

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Island Decking

Composite Decking is an affordable low maintenance solution for many decking needs.  Recyclable materials such as sawdust, wood chips and wood fiber are scientifically combined with plastic and gorgeous gorgeous boards are made to be used for decks, docks and other outdoor projects.  Composite boards do not suffer from some of the same issues that wood can such as rotting, warping and weathering.  Composite decking will last longer than traditional wood decking and is almost maintenance free. We carry several composite decking products in 12', 14', and 20' lengths and can help specify the best solution for your building needs.


Composite Decking