The Treatment Process

Why Pressure Treated Wood?

Pressure treated wood, most often Yellow Southern Pine, is treated in a chemically precise way to prevent and resist rot, decay, termites. The level of resistance is determined by the amount of chemical preservatives and the type of preservatives used.

What Makes Us Unique

Outdoor Living Products is very unique in the industry in the fact that we treat and sell Lumber, Pilings, Posts and Timbers. We consider ourselves the experts when it comes to pressure treating lumber to withstand the test of time because of our unique process.


Outdoor Living Products offers one-of a kind delivery with a unique ability to to meet every clients individual needs. We are proud to share that we are the approved treater for many of the major theme parks in the Orlando area and continually work hard to meet exceptional standards when it comes to leaving a sustainable and eco-friendly environmental footprint.

More About the Process

Our treated lumber products include the newest generation of Copper Azole (CA) and Copper Chrome Arsenic (CCA). Due to the fact that chemicals are driven under pressure deep into the wood, the protection goes far beyond the surface.  The CA line of products provides protection from rot, decay and termites with added options for water repellency.


During the treatment process, lumber is loaded into a horizontal vacuum-pressure cylinder. After the door is sealed, a vacuum cycle removes the air from the cylinder.  A liquid preservative solution is precisely pumped in and the pressure is raised, forcing the solution into the wood.


Each treatment cycle is carefully monitored to ensure proper treatment and product quality. The protection goes far beyond the surface and right into the heart of the wood.