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What is the Treatment Process?

Our pressure-treating technicians are specialists in their field.  With years of experience, they carefully monitor each cycle, guaranteeing the highest level of protection is created. 


During the treatment process, lumber is loaded into a horizontal vacuum-pressure cylinder. After the door is sealed, a vacuum cycle eliminates the air from the cylinder. Next, a liquid preservative solution is precisely pumped in, and the pressure is raised, forcing the liquid into the wood.  The protection surpasses the surface,  right into the heart of the wood.


Our expert technicians, along with our unique method, produce specialty treated lumber that withstands the test of time.

Treatment Process

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What is Pressure Treated Wood?

Pressure-treated wood, most often southern pine, is treated with chemicals to prevent decay and insect intrusion. This type of wood is recommended for all outdoor projects where there is contact between wood and moisture. At Outdoor Living Products, we treat all lumber with the most current generation of Copper Azole (CA) and Copper Chrome Arsenic (CCA), which not only guards against intrusion but adds protection for water repellency. 

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